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“Kiero ser chapo Guzman’ from Trsite de Nemesis -Bleeding Angel 2 Album 2013

New Video from Mr. Yosie off his new album Florence Gansgters

This song features Pelygro from Kartel de las Calles and Triple OG both residing in Tijuana, Baja Kalifornia. This song was originally for Pelygro’s oldies album until all the data session of the songs where lost in a damaged hard drive in 2012. However we were able to salvage this track and with some discussion with Pelygro he agreed to allow Mr. Yosie to add it and release it on his album. The track has a pounding hook by veterano Triple OG who serve more than 30 years in United state Constitutions. At the age of 55 his fight with drugs and violence has left him missing in action as of now. But he leaves with us a soulful latino voice on the featured tracks that are in our catalog of music. The original track not sampled but replayed and was originated from oldie track I do Love You and remade into I love my Hood flipped in spanish. This track has a music video in the works and will be out in august. Mr. Yosie’s new album is coming soon, titled Florence Gansgters. An all oldie album featuring soulful hooks and hard lyrics. Stay tuned for the actual street date release. Another staight gang banging album brought to you by your local Cirkulo Asesino Entertainment for 2013.

Cirkulo Asesino Entertainment is a world wide Spanish rap record label. Specializing in latin hip-hop and gangsta rap.
\We have become more of a brotherhood movement. We have artist, promoters, dj’s, beat producers supporting our music all around the world. We have the heavyweights of the new school underground. We like to thank all you who have supported our music since 2009. Our site is currently going under construction so please bookmark us and like our facebook page.

Soundcloud page is http://soundcloud.com/cirkulo-asesino
Mr. Yosie like his fan page at www.MrYosie.com
Pelygro like his page at www.Pelygro.com
Triste de Nemesis add him at www.TristedeNemesis.com


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  1. Feik ABK November 12, 2013 10:49 am  Reply

    Las limas de circulo asesino,
    las traen a tijuana?
    cuanto valen?
    como las envian?

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